Household Insurance

There’s no place like home. Household insurance can be from basic CONTENTS or PERSONAL POSSESSIONS covering more sophisticated cover to accommodate for high-value buildings and contents.

Note that we can also combine insurances.

What is covered?
It covers your personal belongings against loss or damage caused by:

  • Theft attempted theft or vandalism
  • Fire or explosion
  • Natural dangers like lightning, storm or earthquake
  • Flooding

What items can you cover?

A contents policy is designed to protect your household goods like your sofa and any personal belongings in your home, garage or shed.

Common items covered in a contents policy are:
Items of furniture ( Beds, Sofas, Chairs…)
Electric Goods ( TV, Laptop, Game Counsels…)
Kitchen items ( Microwaves, Kettles, Toasters…)
You can also cover your clothes, curtains, carpets and:
Any items you take out of your home, like your mobile phone, Money in your home, Garden contents, including plants
Frozen and chilled foods if your freezer or fridge breaks down
Not all insurers offer these benefits as standard, so check each policy document carefully to see what is covered.

New for old cover

Many policies offer to replace your contents if they have been damaged or stolen with a brand new replacement.
If the exact item is no longer available, your insurer should pay out enough for you to buy a new similar model.
New for old cover usually excludes items like clothes, bedding and curtains because they tend to be more prone to wear and tear than other items.
**Check the policy terms and conditions before you buy to find out what is covered, and what you will need to add.